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About Inspired Planit

We believe inspiring content radiates directly from the source because people love to share epic adventures, photos and awesome videos with their friends.

INSPIRED PLANIT is a digital marketing platform that connects top tier travel influencers with premium brands. We facilitate collaborations on unique campaigns that inspire people to book trips. Analytics is at the core of our business and we help amplify the best performing content through sophisticated digital media strategies.

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Connect with a vetted group of travel influencers to create unique, inspiring content across multi-channel social platforms that drive bookings. Promote authentic, native advertising messages that consumers have exercised a choice to view.

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Design campaigns with specific objectives, deliverables, schedule and budget with selected influencers and let the influencers apply to participate.


Find the right influencers from our vetted, hand selected tribe of travelers. Search by audience size, demographics, platform, content style & destinations.


Identify the top performing influencer content and execute a media strategy to amplify the best content natively through the influencer's social accounts.


We offer multi-channel tracking that provides you with real data; measure impressions, reach, engagement, traffic & conversions that we've verified through the influencer's accounts.


Influencers are modern-day storytellers who create unique content and share it with the world through photos, videos, podcasts, blogs & social media. Join our curated tribe of travel influencers to monetize your content and create partnerships with premium, like-minded brands.

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Create a profile that helps like-minded brands find you! Tell your story and help brands understand your style, content, audience and the places you've been.


Negotiate partnerships with premium brands to get paid for original content through sponsored content, collaborations & other unique opportunities.


Stay authentic to your brand image and create unique, interesting and compelling content that will inspire your audience to plan trips.


Work with brands on media strategies to extend the reach of your content which helps build your image and increase your audience base.

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